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Vehicle Operation Precautions

1.  The users shall read and follow the User’s Manual

2.  The fuel octane shall not be lower than 93, otherwise all mind of the defects such as bad combustibility, engine overheating or valve ablation shall cause scrapping of the engine.

3.  Check if the vehicle remains sufficient brake fluid, oil and coolant. At least half of the water expansion tank shall be filled with the coolant.

4.  Add the gear oil of the gear box and rear axle differential as the User’s Manual required, otherwise the gears will be worn abnormally.

5.  Release the parking brake leaver completely before the vehicle moves, otherwise the parking brake shoe will be burnt.

6.  Bleed the air after replacing the brake master cylinder or brake fluid, otherwise the brake will be less effective.

7.  Always add the brake fluid of the same model.

8.  Do not apply the neutral gear when the vehicle is running downhill, otherwise the brake booster will be less effective.

9.  Pay attention to the tension of the fan belt to avoid the over wearing of the water pump bearing and the fan belt.

10. Before replacing the fuse, make sure that the rated current of the new fuse meets the standard.

11. Lift or jack the vehicle at the right point instructed in the user’s manual.

12. Cut off the negative pole before removing the battery to avoid the short circuit.

13. Remove the grounding wire of the battery before inspecting the fuel system.

14. Bleed the air in the cooling system when replacing the coolant, otherwise the engine will be hot and even the cylinder gasket will be broken.

15. The coolant with alcohol is not allowed.